About us

The Google search engine is used by 186 million people worldwide every day, which makes it the most searched search engine. In Estonia alone, Google is used by 678 thousand Estonians per day, three times more than its competitors. The Google AdWords advertising option is so popular because it can be measured very accurately.
AdWords enables:
Google search
Google Display
Google shopping
Google partners
Mobile devices
Google maps
Google business
Why order the service from us?
Turundus OÜ is an internet marketing company, 100% based on Estonian capital, which helps your website to achieve 100 per cent profit. We manage 200 companies every day,; there are more than 20,000 keywords active in Google and we save 2,000 euros each month. Turundus OÜ helps you to improve your visibility in the Google search engine with the help of Google AdWords. We manage Google keywords in Estonia and abroad. The AdWords programme enables us to offer you a lot of support in social networks as well as on the most popular websites. We have 8 years of experience with AdWords in search engines as well as Google’s social networks.
The purpose
The purpose of Turundus OÜ is to offer a service with best price and quality – we are not selling air! We show where the money invested by the client goes, i.e. we are transparent. With the help of the AdWords programme, we design, prepare, market and analyse your campaigns.
We always follow the deadlines.
We offer a quick and productive service.
We are very well informed of modern developments, i.e. we keep up with updates and keep our client informed as well.
The value for the client ordering the service:
Word analysis (we use a thorough analysis to determine what your potential customer is searching and where your competitors are located)
Monthly statistics (we will send you monthly statistics about functioning words and advise you which keywords should be replaced)
Discounted click price (working with words every day, we are able to ensure you the best position by lowering the click price)
Improvement of the position (we are able to improve positions at a favourable price by choosing the right keywords with directions to the website)
Optimisation of words (we optimise and audit the keywords which fit the service best)
Optimisation of sentences (the structure of sentences is important in positioning keywords. We prepare sentences so that they are attractive to a potential client)
Positions of competitors (we analyse the positions of your competitors and advise you what to update on the website to improve your position)
Daily word inspection (we manage keywords on a daily basis, which is very important, since click prices and positions are constantly changing in the Google AdWords system)
Replacement of non-functioning words (we replace non-functioning keywords free of charge)
Assistance in getting non-functioning keywords to work (website optimisation measures)

With the administration fee, you save money as well as time. You will never again have to worry whether the price of the words has increased or the position dropped. This is taken care of by our AdWords professionals, who work with your words every day and give their best to make your rating 10/10. This means that your sponsored references would work maximally well!
We provide free advice for optimising your website, i.e. for performing SEO. The current average click price of our clients is 11 euro cents. Occasionally, we get a word working so well, that the price is only 0.02 euro cents!
We have served more than 1000 customers. We can ensure the best service and high quality price. We have direct contact with Google, who helps to determine the words, sentences and directions.
The Google search engine updates and changes the algorithm 3000 times per year, on the average. If your website is not updated, search engine robots may no longer be able to find your website and no indexing occurs. As a result of optimisation of a website, the number of visits on your website will increase, which will invite search engine robots to your website more often. If you would like your website to be sustainable, you must perform SEO or optimisation sooner or later.
In order to prove you the importance of website updating, we offer you website analysis. Website analysis or audit shows precisely what is missing from your website, what can be improved, what your positions in search engines are, and where your competitors are positioned. The price of a website analysis or audit is 25 euros.