How does Google AdWords advertising work?
The Internet has very quickly become the largest market in the world. Approximately 2 billion people worldwide use the Internet, 90% of whom have made a purchase over the Internet (in Europe, 95% have made a purchase).
There are currently approximately 900,000 Internet users in Estonia, i.e. 67% of the total population. Even though many companies have currently not taken advantage of the benefits of the Internet, all will sooner or later have to start using them in their own favour more effectively. If you don’t, your competitors will do so. Can you afford to act slowly in the fastest-growing market in the world?
The Google search engine is used by 186 million people per day worldwide, which makes it the most searched search engine. In Estonia alone, Google is used by 678 thousand Estonians per day, three times more than their competitors!
How do search ads work?
Search advertising works so that a person makes a search based on a keyword in a search engine and is presented a selection of companies that have positioned themselves among the first 11 competitors. 3 ads are located on the left and 8 on the right – if the number of ads is lower than 7, the ads are displayed in the footer. The order of the adverts is determined by the functioning of the keywords, based on their quality score. The company only has to pay when a searcher clicks on an ad. Watch here an explanatory video of the AdWords system:  Google AdWords.

Why use help with Google AdWords campaigns?
Click price depends on how much time your client spends on your website accessed through the keyword. If the client stays on your website longer and this period is shorter in the case of your competitor, your position is better. Google determines the position with rating, i.e. Google grade. The maximum points are 10/10, if a word remains below 7 points, click prices are higher and the position worse. The position can, of course, be raised with the price, but if the rating is poor, this is pointless in a longer perspective – the darkest scenario is that Google prohibits the use of the words.
The standards of the website also play an important role in Google positions. Each search engine has its specific standards, which must be followed and updated every year. Updating of the website or SEO is a very important part of the Google keyword system!
Our job is to keep your company’s click price as low and the position as high as possible.
Preparation of a Google AdWords campaign
Word analysis (we use a thorough analysis to determine what your potential customer is searching and where your competitors are located)
Monthly statistics (we will send you monthly statistics about functioning words and advise you which keywords should be replaced)
Discounted click price (working with words every day, we are able to ensure you the best position by lowering the click price)
Improvement of the position (we are able to improve positions at a favourable price by choosing the right keywords with directions to the website)
Optimisation of words (we optimise and audit the keywords, which fit the service best)
Optimisation of sentences (the structure of sentences is important in positioning keywords. We prepare sentences so that they would be attractive to a potential client)
Positions of competitors (we analyse the position of your competitors and advise you what to update on the website to improve your position)
Daily word inspection (we manage keywords on a daily basis, which is very important, since click prices and positions are constantly changing in the Google AdWords system)
Replacement of non-functioning words (we replace non-functioning keywords free of charge)
Assistance in getting non-functioning keywords to work (website optimisation measures)

Display network
An option that consists of more than a million websites, videos, and applications, where your ads are published. The websites of this network show the desired AdWords ads.
Display network is a part of all Google advertising options
Ads can be matched with websites
Can be matched with mobile phone apps
Ads are connected to keywords and the content of websites
You can target certain websites, which are related to certain subjects
Different countries, groups and other areas of activity can be targeted
Ads can be directed, for example, only in the Display network
See the possibilities of Google AdWords Display advertising here: Google AdWords Display
AdWords Audit
We always perform market analysis before activation of keywords – which keywords are searched and how large is their search volume. It is also important to observe the competitors, which words they are using and for how long.
An AdWords audit shows very accurately how many keywords, on the average, have been searched within 3 months and we are also able to find the price of an average click. Before activation of keywords, it is good to know which keywords are searched for. If poorly functioning words are activated, excessive expenses can be made, which fail to provide the right statistical results in the end of the campaign. You can ask for a quotation for an audit and keywords here: AdWords audit.
In the case of using Google AdWords, website standards, i.e. the conformity of the website with the newest SEO possibilities, is also very important. All search engines renew their standards and the algorithm at least 3,000 times per year. Thus, it is very important to review your website at least once a year and update at least the content management system. If the website is not updated, search engine robots may no longer be able to find your website and no indexing occurs. In the worst case, a virus may enter the system and Google may block your website. As a result of optimisation of the website, the number of visits to your website will increase, which will invite search engine robots to visit your website more often. If you would like your website to be sustainable, you must perform SEO or optimisation sooner or later.
In order to prove you the importance of website updating, we offer you website analysis. Website analysis or audit shows precisely what is missing from your website, what can be improved, what your positions in search engines are and where your competitors are positioned. The audit consists of up to 14 pages of information with pictures and examples. The price of website analysis or audit is 42 euros.